CSW Hobby Night!

Last night, Chicago Skirmish Wargames held our first official bi-weekly hobby night. We accomplished a lot, and had a great time, too! Tim, Mike, Jon, and I all participated. We even had video participation by Pat and Matt!

Mike assembled these mop-headed space janitors.

Tim continued painting minis from the Runewars box set.

Jon was cutting sprue and plasticard to assemble a top-secret project. We can't show you his progress, but here are some of his materials.

Jon did help me out by cutting these circles from sheets of woodgrain patterned plastic. I glued them to CDs, and will be making sparring circles/zones of control for Bushido.

I started off by assembling the Infinity Fat Yuan Yuan minis. Both of these guys are full of character!

I assembled the Kami of Reflection, and 3 plague rats for Bushido.

I also assembled 10 ashigaru for Test of Honor. I'm having fun with these guys. They may not be assembled in the official "right" way, but there is lots of variety. The drummer's drum is a reaper bit I had laying around.


We'll have another hobby night in a couple weeks, and will show off more projects in progress then. Don't forget to check back!


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