Bushido Day At Games Plus

Matt and I visited Games Plus to participate in their Bushido open play event last Saturday. Unfortunately, I was too focused on gaming, and I only snapped 3 pictures of the festivities. Michael, our event organizer set up 3 simple tables to use. They were filled with a mix of terrain from Sarissa Precision, and aquarium pieces.

My first game was on the table with the orange tree. I played a simple combat scenario with Matt to show him the basic mechanics of the game. We played straight starter box squads- Ito Clan VS. Temple of Ro-Kan. The Temple won, but only because Matt insisted on running everyone one by one into combat with Kenko, the temple's most powerful fighter.

My second match was on the same table, against Aaron. He fielded the Prefecture of Ryu, while I stuck with my Temple force. I made one minor change- I swapped Kuma, the panda in place of Ekusa, the turtle riding monk. We played a scenario involving praying at idols to score victory points. The panda drew a lot of hate from my opponent and fell early on. Eventually I conceded the game. I was down to 2 models. Neither of us had scored any victory points yet, and with only 2 models, and my opponent's full force on the table, there was no way I would have been able to both turn the objectives to my favor, and also protect them.

After lunch I played a 3rd game. This time, I fielded mostly new models from my recently finished group. We played the same idol scenario as before. This was a great game. there was a lot of back and forth during the game, and I used my new monkeys to great effect. They are very weak, but succeeded in tying up one of my opponent's models for a couple turns. Master Akari, the diminutive tanuki warrior was also  quite effective. He drew a lot of fire, and was badly poisoned at one point, but I was able to heal him with one of my peasant models. Kuma was a beast in this game, and easily dealt more damage than any other model on the table. We had to call the game because we ran out of time. I feel confident that I could have taken this one, but I am very pleased to call it a draw. These were my first games of Bushido with non combat based objectives, and it really changes the focus of the game.

It was a really fun day, and I hope Michael will plan another one soon! Any reason to visit Games Plus is a good thing!

2 responses to “Bushido Day At Games Plus

  1. It looks like a good initial event for playing Bushido at Games Plus. I’ll try to make it to a game there in the future.

  2. Looks like a good event. Where we the scenarios from? The tourney pack?
    I’m still wondering if combat overwhelms the importance of scenario objectives. From the second game it sounds like taking out your models made the objective part difficult if not impossible. So, would simply having a pure kill-team also make you dominant in objective scenarios?
    In Guild Ball, the Butchers guild is very much focused on killing. You score points for kills, but not as much as goals, so it becomes a meta match, of how fast you score goals vs them killing you. That’s faction specific though, and the other teams do well to balance that out.
    I suppose I need to read up on those scenarios for this game, could be interesting. Surprised you didn’t bring your board(s). :)

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