Painted- Temple of Ro-Kan Reinforcements for Bushido

I recently finished some more Bushido Miniatures for my Temple of Ro-Kan faction.

This is Kuma. Yes, he is clearly inspired by a movie character. Who cares? He was so much fun to paint! I am quite pleased with his expression, and the color of his bamboo staff.

This is Master Akari. He's a tanuki, which is a racoonish sort of fellow. He is a tiny, fast, powerful fighter.

The Grey Pilgrim is a mystery. She can be used in both the Temple of Ro-Kan, and Prefecture of Ryu. She is a  soulless creature who can use lighting powers to stun via both ranged, and melee attacks.

This blind monk is named Tsutsumi. He carries a musical instrument called a guquin, which is related to the zither. His music can knock people off their feet.

This is a Kappa. He is a yokai who can be used with any faction. He is sort of a turtle man.

Koji is a young monk who commands a pack of macaque monkeys.

Here is Koji's pack. I tried to base them as if they are emerging from the tall flowers.

I am looking forward to seeing these guys on the table with the rest of my Temple of Ro-Kan faction. I'm planning on trying some of them out tomorrow at a Bushido event at Games Plus, so check back to see how they did!


2 responses to “Painted- Temple of Ro-Kan Reinforcements for Bushido

  1. Saw these guys in person on Thursday. They are just as impressive in person.

  2. These are really terrific, Josh. A new high water mark for you as a painter and hobbyist, in my opinion!

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