Painted- Tengu Starter Set for Bushido

We've had a couple of games of Bushido lately, so I decided it's high time I painted up the Tengu starter set I picked up at Gen Con last year. The set comes with five models- three bird people and two humans. Most of them are multi-part models, but were not too hard to assemble.  Larger pieces like wings have a pin and socket cast on the pieces and fit together easily. A couple of arms are joined at the V between the deltoid, biceps, and triceps.  This makes for slightly awkward arm positions, as you might be able to spot in the photographs.

Painted Tengu Starter Set

Here is the full group. I decided to paint them in a rather uniform fashion, as their clothes are mostly sculpted in a uniform manner and I assume the relatively isolated, mountain dwelling Tengu have little time for variety in textile production. I also chose to base these in my standard style using washers rather than the 30mm lipped bases used in Bushido.

Tengu bird people

The three bird people are, from left to right, Kotenbo, Zenkibo, and Tarobo. In the game, they are fairly basic troops, except that they can fly. I choose to paint these with some inspiration from raptors such as the Japanese sparrowhawk, that have striped wings. I don't think birds often have stripes on the back of their wings, but I carried that same pattern onto the back of these figures.

Tengu bird people- back

Finally, the two humans are Nuniq and Taliriktug. I chose to make their skin the same grey as the skin of the bird people. This helps to distinguish them from other human barbarian figures.

Tengu humans

These were an enjoyable set of figures to paint. I'm also looking forward to playing them in a game of Bushido. I think these will be ab bit more enjoyable to play than the ninja I painted previously.


3 responses to “Painted- Tengu Starter Set for Bushido

  1. Very Cool Tim! Love those bird people.
    What was your painting process for the wings?

  2. Thanks. The wings are mostly done with dry brushing. I started with a dark gray and put lighter grays over it, When i got to a medium gray I made the base layer for the stripes and dry brushed even lighter gray on them. The darkest bits are a very thin black ink added last.

  3. LOVE.

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