Review- Official Bushido Terrain by 4Ground

GCT Studios recently partnered with 4Ground to make a line of prepainted MDF terrain for Bushido. It became available in small quantities at Salute, and is now available for sale on their website. Because I am a very lucky guy, and had a friend and fellow CSW member present at Salute, I was able to pick up the whole line. It consists of 3 buildings and 5 hand carts. They are 32mm scale to fit with the Bushido miniature line.

This is the largest building. It was quite tricky to assemble. The paint jobs are basic, but look really nice. There are many textures. Most of the buildings are MDF, with some card detailing. Each wall consists of 3 layers- an inside, outside, and detail layer. The kit even came with clothespins and rubberbands to hold these layers together while drying. There are additional detail pieces that set in some small spots. The exposed brick in the above image is a good example. All of the doors open and close (except one that I had some issues with during assembly), and the roof is removable to access the fully detailed interior.

This door does not open. The wall pieces, trim pieces, and roof supports were very different from the instructions and did not fit together correctly. I had to do some cutting and filing in this area to get the structure squared, and as a result, the door is glued shut for support. I'm not terribly upset about it, but it was a little frustrating during the build process. It is possible that my kit was an earlier version, or just had a flawed group of parts.

Here you can see the interior. Each of the squares is glued in individually, and was the most time consuming part of the build. the interior door is rice paper and...

It slides open! It's so cool! You can see the slight texture to the wall squares in this image.

This is the medium building. The roof covering is a soft fur. The instructions say to soak it in watered down PVA to shape and harden it, but I like the way it looks soft, so I have not done it yet. I also have not glued down the wood frame at the apex of the roof. I'll do that after I decide how to treat the furry bits. This was the last building I assembled, and it went quite quickly compared to the first one.

Here is the interior detailing. You can see that both doors swing open. One nice feature is that they open all the way to lay flat against the front wall of the building if you wanted to allow line of sight through the structure.

Once concern that everyone seems to have is model movement through the buildings. You can see in this image that 30mm bases have no problems fitting through the doorways. Larger bases are not going to fit. If you want to see an Oni inside one of these buildings, you will have to house rule it.

This is the smallest building.

It also has 2 doors. Each building has a 2 level floor.

Here is the first of the carts. It is a single wheel hand cart.

These 2 carts are the same. You can optionally swap the wheels on one of these for the solid wooden one I used on the single wheeled cart.

This is a larger 2 person cart. Notice the nice detailing on the wheels. The lighter color is painted on.

The last cart is an ox-drawn cart. It is large enough for a 30mm base, if you wanted to give one of your minis a ride.

Here is a comparison shot of the new Bushido sized carts, and 4Ground's original Asian inspired carts. You can see the new ones are much larger, and as a result, much less delicate!


These are great kits. They were quite challenging to put together, although I suspect if you are familiar with 4Ground's assembly techniques, it would seem easier. These were my first 4Ground buildings, though. The instructions were missing some steps, but I didn't have too much trouble getting past that. The only real issues I had were with the wall/door assembly in the large building that I mentioned previously. Hopefully they will resolve those issues and update the instructions in a future release of these kits.

While they are technically pre painted, I may do a little work to mine to make them match my other Bushido terrain. I will be adding roof mounted tea lights to each of the buildings, and I may add some grime or vegetation as well.

The carts are a great kit as well. They are a fantastic value, as you get all 5 carts in a single set, and there is a nice variety. They go together very easily. I assembled them all in less than an hour. I will probably do some minor painting to these as well.

I am really excited to see all these new pieces in use during my next game of Bushido, and they will probably find a place in some other games as well.

Please post on our forums if you have any questions about these, or any of our other terrain pieces!


2 responses to “Review- Official Bushido Terrain by 4Ground

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    timlillig says:

    They look good and I bet they will be fun to play around. I would probably add the glue to the fur, or at least comb it so it is all going down slope.

  2. Cool Kits.
    Those carts show their lasercut origins a bit too clearly for me, but the buildngs are really good looking. Some of the best lasercut buildings I’ve seen.

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