AAR- Runewars Live-Stream Video!

The last two weeks have found me playing Runewars at Greenfire Games on Thursday evenings.  Despite having not yet finished the traditional battle report for last week's game, here is this week's adventure, a 100 point Runewars game playing the "Bounty" scenario. Brought to you through the miracle of moving pictures!

Despite being a bit of a technophobe (still don't have a facebook account), I was asked by a store owner to live stream and narrate the game I played with Greenfire regular Kevin.  My apologies in advanced for...

-Missed rules

-Extended decision making

-Rulebook checking

-Obvious on-camera inexperience

... but the final result isn't terrible, and the game only took about on hour.   Plus, in best CSW tradition we're playing with painted figs and I've replaced the terrain templates with proper 3d terrain.

I had a good time and once again Runewars proves to be a very enjoyable game with easy rules but alot of depth.  Every time I play this game I feel that I've learned more but not come close to scratching the depth of possibilities.  I've noticed also that despite having cards, dials and tokens, the game doesn't appear overly cluttered.  Probably a result of being able to put the tokens on the unit trays rather than littering the table with them, it goes a long way toward countering the perception that some folks have that FFG games inevitably cover the table with unsightly counters and such.

For those interested, Greenfire Games has other videos including some Runewars games.

Enjoy and of course, suggestions for improvement are always welcome!

-Karl Paulsen

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