AAR- The Walking Dead: All Out War at TMX

Tim and I ran a Walking Dead: All Out War scenario while attending the Tabletop Minions Expo. Kevin and Chester faced off against Glenn and Eric. Each team controlled 4 heroes as they explored an abandoned army base deep in the jungle, looking for supplies to bring back to their survivor camps. The base was (of course) crawling with zombies.

The heroes were allowed to search any man made item on the board. anything with a door could only be searched at a door. Buildings with multiple doors could be searched multiple times. Each time a hero searched, they got a draw from the supply deck, and we drew a poker chip from a bag. there were 20 blank chips, and 9 additional marked ones. Each marked one represented a supply item that their community needed. Once 7 supply items were found, the game would end. Additionally, the game would end if either team completely died, or if a turn ended with the game's threat tracker at max level.

Rather than do a blow by blow AAR, I'm just going post a picture dump.

After finding 7 tokens, The players voted unanimously to keep playing until they found the remaining 2. The threat level was quite high at this time, and there were plenty of shenanigans.

Incredibly, there were NO survivor casualties during the game. Kevin and Chester's team did end up with more supplies, and they were declared the winners! Each participant received a Walking Dead All Out War booster box, bonus zombie mini, and CSW die. Special thanks to Mantic for the very generous prize support!


3 responses to “AAR- The Walking Dead: All Out War at TMX

  1. Looks like it was fun Josh. So there weren’t any survivor snipers headshotting opponent’s characters? ;)

    What was the distribution of tokens between the 2 teams when the 7th was found? Was it fairly close like 4-3 or 5-2, 6-1 or 7-0?

    Did the 3×3 board work better than 4×4, and was the threat level more manageable this time?

  2. They tried to snipe each other, but didn’t get a shot lined up. This table had more cover and fewer tall structures.

    The score was pretty close. 4-3, I think.

    I do think the smaller board worked better and this could probably be run on a slightly smaller board too.

    Threat went almost identical to the game we played with you. They made some early efforts at controlling threat, but once it hit medium things started to fall apart and the game became a mad dash.

  3. The threat actually went up a little slower since we weren’t raising it each turn. It was quite similar, but they did manage it well. They also got a little luckier with the event draws. Near the end, they got an event that allowed each player to move 1 blue die roll’s worth of zombies of their choice towards the nearest survivor, which was a fun bit of crazy.

    In general, this group played the early game much more cautiously than you guys did!

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