CSW Hobby Night

We held another hobby night! These evening are turning out to be fantastically productive and fun events for all participants..

Tim worked on his Runewars minis. They are looking great!

Jon continued work on a top secret project. It is a total scratch build for a contest so it must remain a secret for now...

Chris worked on this Dark Age cart from Warsenal. It has a bunch of really neat details including moving parts and steering mechanisms.

I assembled most of the US faction starter for Konflikt '47 by Warlord Games. The half track in this picture is made by Trench works for Gaddis Games as part of their WWI line of minis. It fits in quite nicely with these weird WWII minis.

Earlier in the day I finished assembling a ton of 4ground Asian style fencing. These are great pieces that will see use in a number of different genres.

Stay tuned for more in progress shots from future hobby nights!

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