3D Printed Objective Markers by Mack the Maker

Our friend Mack makes articles and videos on 3D modeling and printing. He kindly gave some samples of his work to CSW members. some members received jersey barriers and dragons teeth, but I picked a set of objective markers.

Here they are as they came, with some wisps of extra material. My understanding is that these are PLA prints, but you can find out more about the things Mack makes from his blog or Facebook.

I like the abstract nature of roman numerals on a circle. They are generic and basic, but will be better than just poker chips or plain cubes if I don't specific items to use as objectives in a game. With a little fiber paste giving texture around the numbers, they were ready to prime and paint.

Objective markers with texture

I decide to go with this mottled verdigris look on the numbers, and a reddish base to make them stand out.

Mack has also shared the STL file, if you want to print them out yourself.

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