Konflikt ’47 British Army Starter set. A Brief Unboxering…

After that awful title pun perhaps I should make an additional joke about the dangers of going Commando but this is a family friendly blog so I digress...

Anyway, the club has pretty much gone all-in for Konflikt '47. Two weeks ago Josh introduced the game to Tim and a couple days ago they introduced it to Mattias and I. Chris (Germans), Tim (Soviets) and I (British) ordered starter and Mattias is already dreaming of working a Quar army into the game!

What follows is a basic unboxing of the British Army Starter Set I just acquired. I did forget to take pictures of the actual box, but this is an un-boxing so I suppose that is acceptable.

When you open the box, it is divided front to back by this handy divider which is also your QRF. For those with no imperial measuring device at home, it has a couple of cut-out rulers on it.

The rulebook is full color and nicely done. It is exactly the same page count and content as the hardcover version, but in a smaller size. The two sided assembly guide is incredibly useful. Most of the arm sets are designed with a specific purpose and without the sheet, confusion would quickly set in. It also serves as a painting guide, but no specific paint listing is included.

Here's some more paper. The other side of the assembly guide, promo booklet, tank assembly instructions (barely required for such a simple model), and a warning about the dangers of resin dust.

Under the divider the box is packed with sprues and parts.

The Infantry consists of 5 identical sprues of figures...

...and 2 sprues of weapons


Nicely wrapped up in bubble wrap...

...is the tesla cannon turret and the guardian light walker.

The Cromwell tank comes bagged and on 2 sprues.

It's a fairly basic model. At first it brings to mind the simple bargain Hobbyboss 1/48 kits of the past. However, the detail is better than those and without the fiddly bits of a traditional model kit it should be sturdy enough for the tabletop.  Also, the regular turret is included so you have a choice of fielding the tank in two different configurations.

Popping open a blister pack reveals the most interesting miniatures in the set: The Automated Infantry. I can already tell that these guys will be fiddly to put together, but the casts are good.

These are the pin markers, a nice set of pointer-markers. Each is numbered 1-12 on their top. I can think of plenty of uses for these in other games as well.

The extra basses are for the Automated Infantry and the Guardian Walker.

Here's some other bits. Another shot of the promotional material, the Command Dice, a set of mini regular dice.  A set of vehicle decals is included, but disappointingly, there are no decals for the infantry.

And there you have it.  Just a box packed with good stuff.

If you would like to see official completed pictures of the various contents, you can see them at the Warlord Games website. I wouldn't purchase there though. They are asking $135 ,while the going price is less than $100 and often goes significantly lower than that. At current prices, it's a fantastic deal.

The only shortcoming I can think of is the lack of infantry decals, but these are easy enough to buy or trade for. If anyone has some extras they'd like to donate, I'd certainly appreciate it!

I'm really looking forward to getting to work on these. Should be fun painting up some WW2'ish British forces without the constraints of historical accuracy. I want to give them a full-on weird-war look so I purchased West Wind Productions British Gas Mask Heads.

For easy basing I also purchased plastic Urban Design Bases from Champ Industries.

This is shaping up to be a good project.  More updates as it progresses.


6 responses to “Konflikt ’47 British Army Starter set. A Brief Unboxering…

  1. awesome! I can’t wait to see these guys done.

    I started working on gas-mask toting marines today, and I’ve also got an anti tank gun emplacement, and some more heavy troopers, and airborne rangers to work on!

  2. Thanks!
    I’ve already started assembling them and the West Wind heads look great on the Warlord bodies. I’ve ordered one more box of standard British infantry.

    I’ve got West Wind masked beret heads for an airborne platoon also so I’m debating purchasing an airborne kit now and doing all my infantry at once. What’s another 75 figs in the painting queue?

  3. that’s why I am speed painting mine. I won’t be rushing to get these 47 new guys on the table, though!

  4. Gah. Seems like so many troops. We’ll play this sometime in 2019. ;D
    Outside the starter box, Ive got some werewolves and vampires (2-3 ea), another light walker, heavy troops (8?) And some falcon troops (also like 8 or 10ish.) Are you guys buying duplicate packs here or…?

  5. Besides the us starter, I have purchased a light walker, a medium walker, a Jeep, 2 marine sprues (12 guys), an anti tank gun, a pack of 5 heavy troopers, and a box of airborne rangers (30 dudes!).

    You should have plenty. I am just having fun assembling. Usually the part I hate!

  6. Wow, you guys bought in big! In addition to the British starter I only bought one box of British troops that I’ll be putting turbaned heads on to make a Sikh platoon.

    While we’ll surely try bigger battles also, remember that a standard game is only 1000 points. I tallied up the points and my boxed set and the incoming additional box of troops -with hardly any upgrades at all- is already over 1200.

    I do plan to eventually do one more box of Paratroopers, but that’s just because I like the minis. Beyond that, I’m not sure. My assumption is that the expansion will have rules for heavy mechs for all factions and I’ve got plenty of options in my minis collection for alternative mech minis.

    Assembly is fun with these guys. I finished assembling my standard infantry platoon last night. Now the vehicles…

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