Painted- Aetherium Rezx Part 1

At Adepticon, I picked up the new faction for Aetherium: Rezx. They are a group of adventurers that have been exploring the depths of the digital void that surrounds the main action of Aetherium games. The figures have a clear inspiration from nautical and cthuloid fiction.

Rezx Expansion Box

Here are the 11 figures that come in the faction expansion box. This is a full force for Aetherium- one Avatar, two functions and two subroutines. From left to right they are 3 Black Bonnets (segmented subroutine), Leviathan (Function), Captain Jaffar Nemo (Avatar), 5 Gray Scarves (linked subroutine), and Klasseko (function).

Rezx expansion

Captain Jafar Nemo (left) is the Avatar for this set. He can gain strength from the Leviathan if they are near each other. Klasseko (right) is one of the functions.  all three of them can also move friendly models, or sometimes enemies, around the board.

Rezx Black Bonnets

The three Black Bonnets are my favorite miniatures in the set. They are a ranged attack group and can combine their attacks. The other subroutine, the Gray Scarves, is a close combat unit that is good at tying up units to keep them from moving.

I'm hoping to get some games of Aetherium in some time soon, so look forward to a battle report.

4 responses to “Painted- Aetherium Rezx Part 1

  1. Oh man! I have got to get moving on mine!!

  2. You should. We can play.

  3. Interesting figs. I looked at the boxset for this game and it seemed more boardgamey. I’ll be waiting for the batrep to hear how it plays out.

  4. We have played a few times… It is on a grid, but is a minis game at heart.

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