CSW Hobby Night- Terrain and Clan Wars

Tim and I got together for a productive hobby night. Tim worked on assembly and painting, and I worked on some terrain.

Tim did some cleanup on this large bag of metal minis from numerous manufacturers.

He also cleaned and prepped some Aetherium ResX models.

He started painting these Clan Wars spearmen to use in Test of Honor.

He also started these Clan Wars bowmen for Test of Honor.

I airbrushed an army green coat onto the Victoria/Reaper BFG.

I painted this little MDF pie shop. Base coats via airbrush, and details/washes with a brush. Sexy Captain America for scale.

I also completed this plastic Warlord ruin kit. Base colors were done with the airbrush, then additional details and washes were added. Sexy Captain America for scale.

Additionally, I managed to get a bunch of pictures taken of some 4Ground terrain for an upcoming blog post.

These hobby nights are extremely productive! I suggest everyone get together with friends and try to make hobbying a group activity!

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  1. Lol, look at Sexy Cap strut!

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