CSW Hobby Night

Mike, Mattias, and I got together for one of our semi-regular hobby nights. It was a productive evening all around! Look how happy they are!

Mike made a lot of progress on some ships. In his own words:

Last night I painted decks and detail work on US warships that date from 1890 to around 1925. Most were either battleships or armored cruisers, but I also painted a few destroyers, monitors, and battlecruisers. All the ships were brought from Navwar, a British company I visited earlier this year on vacation.

The ships were primed grey with an airbrush using Badger's Stynylrez line and then airbrushed grey with Minitaire's Base Grey paint. All that was done previously. Last night I used Howard Hue's wood for the decks, Vallejo's German Grey for the tops of smokestacks, and Vallejo's Offwhite for any boats stored on deck.

I still have clean up the wood color where it ran over the side or up the superstructure and then begin the basing process. But I made a lot more progress last night than I thought I would.

Mattias worked on these Grenadier fantasy sculpts from Forlorn Hope Games. He spent most of the evening cleaning mold lines and flash off of them and gluing them to washers.

The aircraft is a kitbash-scratchbuild flyer that Mattias put together from a macross model and some gatorboard. He nick-named it 'The Pheasant' because of how weird it looks.

The flying lamborghini is the result of a project that started way back at one of Karl's make n' take vehicle days. It's going to be a Security Force patrol craft for skirmish games, once its painted up.

The two big robots are his VOTOMS conversions, using parts from various gundam model kits. Mattias is really proud of these. Those last four he mostly just pieced back together last night, repairing the damage of shipping them from Hawaii.

I finished assembled these weird WWII gas-mask marines. I picked up a couple Bolt-Action US marine sprues during Warlord's yearly sprue sale, and combined them with West Wind gas-mask heads from their Secrets of the Third Reich game.
I assembled this 37mm anti-tank gun emplacement. The crew on the base are magnetized. The 3rd guy is a forward observer.
Here are 5 US Heavy troopers with gas mask heads. These heads are produced by Warlord, and I picked them up during the same sprue sale. They make these troops look quite imposing.
I picked up a box of airborne infantry, and used some of them to make some .30cal machine gun teams. The group on the left is on a temporary base for now until I get some more 60mm bases. The loader on the right team has some conversions, including a hand swap, and the belt ammo in the ammo box, and hanging from the gun are from the marine sprue. The wall piece is from Wreck-Age.
Lastly, I started assembling some airborne infantry. There are 30 guys in this box. I made 2 mmg teams, and will make 2 12 man squads, and either another mmg team, or a 2 man command squad. One squad will have gas masks, and one will have normal heads.
These hobby days are incredibly productive! Expect some posts with the finished projects soon...

2 responses to “CSW Hobby Night

  1. Looks like you guys got a ton of work done. Sorry I missed it. Will do my best to make one of the next few. The HMG teams look great!… and really digging the votoms and vehicle conversions from Mattias. Need to get some projects done… Definitely back on gaming in August.

  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I did get started on another two sets (I’m doing them in groups of three) of Clan Wars figures.

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