Fully Painted- Konflikt ’47 US troops

I recently finished painting US Army troops for Konflikt '47, by Warlord Games. I had 2 goals with this project; To get them quickly painted and on the table, and to work with decals for the first time. Because of my first goal, I did base coats and washes, but skipped some of the finer details, and highlight layers I usually spend time on. I figure I can always go back and add more details later! Every model in this project has at least one decal. Every trooper has a unit insignia on their left shoulder (or wing!), and some have flags and/or rank marks on the right shoulders.  A few of the models have rank marks on their helmets. Vehicles and walkers have logos, and ID markers. I got a LOT of decal practice with this group!

This is the M49A-T Sherman tank with tesla cannon, nicknamed "The Bomb". The stowage pieces on this tank are resin bits I got at a local model shop, M&Models. I soaked the piece on the turret in hot water to shape it to the turret's curve.

Here is a little jeep. It is armed with a heavy machine gun, that I will probably play as a medium machine gun. I modeled the front wheels as if it is turning a corner, or avoiding something in the road.

This is the M5A2 Coyote light walker. It is armed with 2 punching fists, and medium and heavy machine guns.

This is the M5A6 Jackal light walker. It has a medium machine gun on one arm, and a flame thrower on the other (and punching fists!). This walker has a jump pack that lets it jump great distances across the battlefield.

This is the M2A Mudskipper medium walker. It has twin forward facing autocannons, a forward facing medium machine gun, and has weapon options for the arms. It can either take heavy machine guns, or twin bazookas on each arm. I included them both on the model, because it looks so much cooler that way. It also has a jump pack.

This 2 man sniper team is ready to take out high profile targets.

The bazooka team proved very useful in my first game, taking out a tank, and some infantry.

The US infantry have a lot of options. I can field them as one large blob, with an SMG equipped sergeant, 2 Browning Automatic rifles, and a lot of bolt action rifles. I can also split them into multiple smaller groups if necessary. Officers are all smoking cigars, so they are easily distinguished.

This is the Heavy trooper super bazooka team. I love these models!

Here are the standard Heavy Troopers. These guys are very durable on the battlefield, getting wounded on a 6+.

Here is a squad of US jump infantry. These models were what made my decision to start a US force for Konflikt '47. Most of them are armed with Thompson SMGs, but there are 2 Browning Automatic rifles, and a flamethrower also. This box has 10 metal minis with 7 unique sculpts!

I am looking forward to fielding these troops with the jumping walkers for a VERY mobile fighting force.

Here are 3 individual "heroes" for Konflikt '47.

This is supposed to represent Lt. Ronald Spiers from Band of Brothers.

This is Sergeant Rock. He has a Thompson SMG in each hand, and a lot of grenades. His unit insignia is tattooed on his shoulder.

This is Slammer Samuels, Paragon Trooper. He is a special character, a captain, armed with a tesla rifle, and gauntlet. He's basically a Captain America style super soldier.

I am looking forward to getting these guys on the battlefield soon. I plan on fielding an all jump-troop force in a game tomorrow, so keep an eye out for the battle report later this week.

4 responses to “Fully Painted- Konflikt ’47 US troops

  1. Nice work on these. The muted colors of these guys work well with the fast painting method.

    Just got my British Starter today and this is good inspiration to get to work on them.

  2. So many tiny decals…but they came out great! You really knocked your army out fast, kudos!

  3. Hi Josh,
    How hard was the Sherman kit to put together? I am thinking of buying a Warlord tank, but remember when I was a kid and tank models came with soft plastic threads which were a pain to slip on over the wheels. If I remember, I think I broke off a wheel or two while trying to slip the threads over them.

  4. It was super easy. It took maybe 10 minutes.the top half of the tread is built in the the wheels, and the bottom part just clips on.

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