Fully Painted- Runewars Waiqar the Undying Army

I have finally caught up to Karl in painting an army for Runewars. Here are my skeletons and such for Waiqar the Undying. What you see in the photos here are two core sets, one box of command figures and one set of Ankaur Maro as a mounted and unmounted version.

The basic infantry (reanimates) follow the same basic scheme presented in my previous post. You can find specifics of the paints I used there. I think these figures were also used in Descent, but i painted those a while back in a slightly different scheme.

The reanimate archers are another basic unit of the army. There are skeleton archers in Descent 1st edition, but a different sculpt.

Here is my sample carrion lancer from the previous article, accompanied by his twin.

The command figures can a a lot of different special abilities to the infantry units.

Finally there are the heroes.  Ankaur Maro is riding a wave of bones or can be played just walking on the ground. When assembling these figures, I put the left arms on the wrong figures, so my infantry version is holding a sickle and also has one on his belt. The same is true of the cavalry version and his sword. It made more sense to me for the cavalry figure to be holding the sword.

The hero that comes in the base set, Ardus Ix'Erbus, is a lieutenant from Descent and the figure there is the same except for the base. I like that he has two axes and is a pretty imposing figure in his heavy armor.

These figures, along with the upgrade cards, give plenty of options to try some different things in a 200 point game.



3 responses to “Fully Painted- Runewars Waiqar the Undying Army

  1. Fantastic work! And I was fascinated to learn that they reused Descent sculpts for Runewars.

  2. Dude those look great!

    Looking forward to facing those with my Daqan. Nice work!

  3. These look great Tim. Having seen those carrion worms in person… This army will look great on the tabletop.

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