Gen Con 2017 Loot!

I just got back from Gen Con 2017, and just like every year, I forgot to take many pictures! It was a good time... maybe the best Gen Con I have attended. I attribute this to my complete and utter lack of planning. I had nothing scheduled. I had no plans to check out any particular games. My only goal was to visit with friends and have some fun. Most of my time was spent wandering the vendor hall either alone or with comrades. I slept in on Saturday, and didn't even make it back to the con on Sunday. It was a great weekend!

Much of my time was spent with this guy. His name is Matt, aka Wreck-Age Matt, aka Moderator Matt.

It's easy to find odd things in the vendor hall, like this donut girl wearing a donut skirt.

The Warsenal/Infinity booth always has eye candy, but this waterfall with koi at the bottom really caught my eye...

I mean no disrespect, but I watched some people demo this game, and it did not seem chill at all.

Here a picture of the Tabletop Minions meetup, Saturday night.

And now the good bits... LOOT. As usual, I cam home with some great stuff!

I picked up these con exclusives at my friend Chris' request.

I got these con exclusive promos from our friends at Giga-Robo and Hexplore-IT. Thanks, guys!

Flick 'Em Up meets Dead of Winter? YES PLEASE. I can't wait to play this game!

Some of you may know I have a fondness for things that have missiles for hands. I was happy to find this new Konflikt '47 mech at a great price.

I have waffled back and forth for a long time about spending the money on Knight Models minis, but I am a big fan of Batman, and am excited to paint them up.

I spent some time at the 4Ground booth, talking to the guys. Super nice! I picked up a nice 2 story building with some little add ons. (This one is already assembled! Look for a blog post soon!)

I also picked up this 3 story building with some more fire escapes. (also assembled already!)

This is an awesome house with a fully detailed interior, and it was mismarked, so I got it for a steal. The treasure chests were the con freebie for spending over a certain amount. They are a really neat little kit.

I got to spend some quality time with my friends at GCT Studios (including dinner on Friday). I picked up the new set of Ronin models. These have fantastic sculpts!

I also picked up some minis for my existing factions. Gok, The Corpse Collector is one of my favorite models in the line. He is a huge creepy dude pushing a wagon full of bodies. The Kawa No Rojin is a boy just barely holding on to a bucking buffalo. Bikou is the con exclusive special ninja. She is a really great sculpt, and can be used as a ninja, or part of the Prefecture of Ryu faction.

This delightful fellow is a super cool limited run karai mini. There can never be too many karai!

That's it for my loot. Not a huge haul, but I am quite pleased.

I want to leave you with a teaser of my next post. I'll be detailing some of the incredible prizes we will have available at the upcoming cancer benefit.

This is a HUGE bag full of pewter... want to know more? Keep checking the blog!

2 responses to “Gen Con 2017 Loot!

  1. Fun! Wish I had the time to go with you guys to hang/geek out. Maybe next year, or perhaps if you know anything about RockCon in Rockford?
    Thanks again for the loot! :)

  2. Last time I went to rock con, it was just okay. I ran Wreck Age demos all day. There were guys in Nazi uniforms walking around. It was weird.

    If you want to go, I might go with just to see how it changed.

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