Painted- Warhammer 40,000 Death Guard

I've started painting the Death Guard figures from the latest 40k box set. This is a small set of them that I felt included most of the textures and materials used in the set. It should also be enough to play Shadow War Armageddon, so it gives me a chance to try some ideas and also have a usable force before I continue on to the rest of the set.

To start, I used a dark green gesso, dry brushed light yellow and then pink.

Next, I worked on a jaundiced skin for the poxwalkers' skin and used the same colors for the cloth on the marines. This is done with layers of yellow oxide, burnt sienna, and yellow inks. At this point, I will also add burnt sienna and blue inks to the smoke on the few figures that have it.

Painting Death Guard step 1

The horns are picked out with raw umber and red is used on the tentacles and gore.

Painting Death Guard step 2


Next, is the leather on the poxwalkers is done with tints of burnt sienna. Various metal bits and the marines' armor are based in copper and given a painted look with mixes of various blues, greens, white, green ink, and highlights of copper. Green ink also goes on the leather bits. The boils on the poxwalkers get touches of the blue/green mixes used for the copper patina. A few other details like the soles of boots and hoses get a dark gray.

Painting Death Guard step 3

The chain mail and guns, along with some other pieces,are painted with rust colors- red oxide, yellow oxide, raw sienna, etc...  I gave the eyes a basic red. Teeth and some horns get a very light brown highlight.  A few other details also get individual attention of touch ups.  Then everything gets a light wash with raw umber ink.  The coils and tip of the plasma gun are painted in bright yellows and reds.  the insect like creature on the aspiring champion is coated in a dark green/brown and iridescent green.

Painting Death Guard step 4

Basing is very simple. It is a blue gray with la lighter drybrush. After a matte varnish, I added puddles of very thin, glossy green and raw umber inks. There is also some gloss on the tentacles.

finished poxwalkers front

finished poxwalkers back

The pox walkers are a very basic close combat horde, but the individual models have some interesting details. The boxed set comes with two copies each of ten sculpts, so I'm considering swapping some hands and feet, or other small conversions to give them a bit more variety.

finished plague marines front

finished plague marines back

The marines each have a great amount of variety and detail. Each shoulder pad and many other surfaces are decorated. These are the main troops of the army and I'm looking forward to seeing them in a game.


2 responses to “Painted- Warhammer 40,000 Death Guard

  1. Nice work Tim, they look sufficiently hideous

  2. Definitely Hideous in all the right ways. These may be some of your best sci-fi figs yet!

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