Review: 4Ground Gothic City Buildings

I recently finished assembling 2 4Ground buildings that I acquired at Gencon.

The first is the North Point Tenament 1. This is from the 4Ground facade series, meaning the exterior is highly detailed, but the interior is unfinished.

There are some really nice details, including a mail slot to the left of the front door.

The back of the building is just as detailed. Each story is removable for interior access.

The roof has some nice details. The trap door is not glued down, so it can be placed anywhere, or removed if necessary.

The fire escape is an add on kit from 4Ground. I think it really adds to the usefulness of the terrain. The ladder can be locked in the up position, or pulled down for use.

This is the North Point Tenement 2 kit. It is the same size as the previous building, but with an extra floor.

It has the same level of detail with working doors and removable floors.

Because of the extra floor, this has an extra fire escape level. Just like the first building, the ladder goes up and down, and the stairs are removable for gameplay reasons, or if you wanted to use this as a 2 story building.


These 2 buildings will be a great addition to my decent sized downtown area! They are really fun kits to assemble, and go together fairly quickly. There are some fiddly little parts, and it is near impossible to assemble without getting glue all over your fingers. This is less a complaint about the kit, and more a statement about my level of hobby skill. I really like 4Ground stuff, and will be getting more at some point in the future. Look for these on the table soon!


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