Review: Small Terrain kits from Warlord and Ainsty Castings

I recently finished 2 small kits terrain kits. The left kit is one of Warlord's ruined buildings, and the right one is an MDF building from Ainsty Casting's Aggro Minis line.

The warlord kit is plastic, and went together easily. I zipped this together in no time, and painted it quickly, so pardon any visible mold lines!

The loose door and sandbag pieces are all separate, and can be used in number of ways.

I added some gravel to the ground and upper level.

This was painted almost entirely with airbrush, and a quick drybrush layer over it. It took less than an hour from start to finish.

This kit was fast and fun to assemble and paint, and I liked the easy customization options. This has multiple levels and ways to block line of sight and will be great in our next game of Konflikt '47.

This MDF kit came with no instructions, but took mere minutes to assemble. I spent almost as long painting it. I may still go back to add writing to the chalkboard.

It has minimal detailing, but for a $10 kit, it's a great deal. I plan on using this in my downtown urban area.


Look for both of these kits to hit the table soon!


3 responses to “Review: Small Terrain kits from Warlord and Ainsty Castings

  1. Hi Josh,
    Great looking kits! I didn’t see the Warlord kit on their site. Did it just come out?

  2. It is buried on there somewhere… They have a few plastic ruins. I will find you a link later.

  3. I think this is the one Josh built. They have a couple of others.

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