Sept 23 Brian Stuchell Cancer Benefit- Raffle Prize Preview Part 1

We are now just a month away from the benefit, and I thought it might be fun to see some of the AMAZING prizes we have to raffle off...

The CSW team had a hobby day a few weeks back, and we managed to crank out these terrain pieces...

These will be split into a number of prize lots, and some will be donated to Greenfire games...

There are some desert, jungle, and forest pieces available.

Ryan, our CSW member from Colorado, donated a number of items. Here are a nice 4x6 hex star mat, and some terrain upgrade sprues from Maelstrom's Edge.

Ryan also donated some bags of EM-4 Space Rangers. These not space marines could be used in any Sci-Fi game. The 28mm post apocalyptic truck would look great in a game of Wreck-Age or Walking Dead All Out War.

This very large building will look great on the table. It has opening doors on each end. The set of 3 shipping containers will be a good way to add cover to many games.

This small set of scatter terrain by Atcheson Creations is prepainted and ready to hide behind! Ryan did a nice job painting this crashed Aquilla Lander which will look great on a 40K, Shadow War, or any other sci-fi table. Thanks, Ryan!!

This selection of smaller items was donated by Shawnimals. The wizard pictures are original signed artwork! These items will be split up as individual prizes.

I donated an unused copy of Runewars.

John Gordon of Hyacinth games painted this fantastic Quonset hut.

Here is the big one! GCT Studios has generously donated a prize package that includes every single item from their Cult of Yurei faction. This includes dice, special cards, and a very limited edition Karai figure. There are some VERY cool minis in here...


There will be many more prizes... Watch for a part 2 soon. Don't forget to come by Greenfire Games on Sept. 23, and help us help Brian! You might be able to take home some of this great loot!!

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