Terrain- 4Ground 4 Story Bakery, Subway Entrance, and Village Walls

I have been picking up more 4Ground terrain recently. The kits are tons of fun to assemble, and they are prepainted with detailed interior, so it's east to get them on the battlefield quickly!

This 3 story bakery is the largest kit I have assembled so far. It has a ton of moving doors! I plan on using this in Konflikt 47, but with a little weathering, it will fit right in with a zombie or post apoc game.

Here is a close up of the front door detail. Sexy Captain America for scale.

The front window. Interestingly, it came with windows in French, German, and English

Shall we check out the interior?

1st floor.

2nd floor.

3rd floor. This makes me want to get some furnishings.

The back and side of the building are rather plain. I might add some posters.

4Ground's subway entrance is a really nice way to add some flavor to your table.

Sexy Captain America for scale.

It does a really good job of faking a deep stairwell.

These are the 4Ground village walls to match their Asian terrain line.

These fences are easy to set up and would work in many environments.

This is a standard fence set, and an additional fence and gates set. I still have one more fence set to assemble! It can fence in a very large area.


These 4Ground kits are really fantastic and fun to assemble. I can't recommend them highly enough!

7 responses to “Terrain- 4Ground 4 Story Bakery, Subway Entrance, and Village Walls

  1. Nice! Will look awesome with a bot of weathering.

  2. Great work Josh! I have some 4Ground stuff for Frostgrave that could be used in other fantasy or medieval settings. The biggest kit took me about 6 hours to build, but it’s awesome.

    4Ground makes some neat terrain pieces.

  3. I think that the bakery took me more than 6 hours! So many doors! I’m planning on picking up some more soon. Hopefully they will have some good deals at Gencon!

  4. Very nice! It’s got quite a finished look for a pre-colored kit. The detail work on the ground floor facade is really impressive.

  5. Wow, yes, this looks like a very nice kit. I still need to order their big fantasy Watchtower sometime. (but maybe I should build the large batch of city kits I have first…lol)

  6. Which ones do you have? I’d probably be willing to help with assembly.

  7. I have 4 gothic city center buildings (3 basic, one bigger), the Twin Peaks Diner, and some billboards. I’ve got other urban kits from other manufacturers also (Micro art, ttcombat), but those need to be painted. It might be a while before I get to them, but it should culminate in to a decent city table when I’m through.

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