An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse. Part 1: Ruined Gothic buildings.

Before I had considered making terrain for sale, Mike made me a cash offer I couldn't turn down to build him some terrain. By "some" I mean 12 assorted boxes of Pegasus Gothic Terrain parts, a Pegasus Technobridge, and 50 sprues of Mantic Deadzone terrain!

I got to work on the Pegasus stuff and decided to build the "Ruined" buildings first which are the subject of this post. We had agreed on basic assembly and paint, but I couldn't resist doing a bit extra with the assembly. This is not my first experience with Pegasus Gothic buildings. I built my own cathedral some years back and learned a fair bit about the possibilities and shortcomings of these kits.

Though you probably can't tell in pictures, there are a number of sections chopped apart and reassembled in ways the designers didn't intend, and I made sure to texture all the exposed flat topped surfaces with concrete patch.

This first medium sized building is two very similar halves.  I built both ruins in half sections.

With paint.

The largest ruin and by far the largest of all the gothic buildings is the ruined cathedral.


I forgot to take pictures during assembly, but there's a lot of modifications here. Floor sections cut down, ruined walls trimmed back and reassembled, un-ruined sections used to fill up the walls and then broken and gashed (Thanks again Dremel 543 bit!) to make them fit with the ruined sections.  As with the first building, lots of concrete patch used for texture.

I also cut down a few wall sections to make the parpaet walls on the edges of the scratchbuilt roofs.

Mike said he was a fan of the buttresses and this model uses almost all of them inside and out to a pretty impressive effect. I'm particularly happy with the look of the broken-off butresses.

The rear of the cathedral with ruined choir lofts.

Front of cathedral with blasted balconies.

Both models got a fairly simple paintjob.  Completely sprayed black, lightly dusted with white spray to lighten it up just a bit and then a grey drybrush over almost everything.  Orange drybrush for the floors and green for the virdgris doors and toppers.   The intact buildings I build next will get an additional very-light grey or white drybrush, but these two needed to look dark and burned out.

The end result is something I'm rather pleased with.  They're quite large buildings with room for troops and even vehicles but they have enough floors and bits of cover to be useful for smaller games like Song of Blades and Heroes or Frostgrave.

Stay tuned. Coming soon are 3 intact buildings.

2 responses to “An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse. Part 1: Ruined Gothic buildings.

  1. Nice job! I have 3 painted sets of the ol’ Pegasus hobbies ruined sections. They’re quite sizeable for their price point, and great as some starter terrain for people entering the hobby. That cathedral looks gigantic.

  2. Thanks!
    The cathedral is pretty huge. From a wargaming perspective it only works because it’s blown out and the interior is easily accessible. The intact buildings will be significantly smaller though they will have removeable roofs to access the interiors.

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