Commission Work: 2 Post-Apoc Security Vehicles

Here are a pair of vehicles I built a couple months ago but forgot to post. These were built for a friend of Pat, CSW's member-in-exile-to-Washington. He had some squats I wanted and these two vehicles were built as payment for them.  The request was for a pair of fairly generic vehicles that could serve in a variety of settings from fallout-like post apoc setting to 40k'ish sci-fi.

They started as a pair of regular 1/43 toys, specifically a Maisto Hummer and an ambulance of uncertain (possibly Kinsmart?) provenance of the type readily available at many drug stores. They were both disassembled and greebled up a bit but I only have pre-paint pictures of the ambulance.

The weapons and tech bits on both came mostly from accessory packs from a line of customizable cars.   I found the packs on sale at Goodwill a couple years back. I put pieces of blister pack behind the window holes on the doors.

Both cars got a black undercoat, grey drybrush, a few detalis and blue accent/insignia on the front forward corners of the hood and rear side corners of the body. Here are the bodies mid-paint.

Finally I gave them repeated heavy washes of rusty brown a tan drybrush, and finished them off with a matte varnish.

I'm particularly happy with the windows on the hummer where I wet/drybrushed on the tan and then cleared it in away in a wiper pattern.

Both vehicles have moderate interior detailing, mostly the painting of seats and picking out of some details like steering wheels, dials, etc.  Also, though it isn't always possible, I was able to retain the opening door features on both cars.

Unfortunately can't see the interior of the ambulance in the pictures. It had some shelves and such so I glued in a few weapons giving the occupants access to a nice arsenal.

I'm rather happy with the results.  Whether full post-apoc conversions, heavy weathering or just lightly dirtying up some die-cast, this is a fairly straight-forward sort of project that I can repeat as necessary and easily tailor to a particular project's requirements.

If you like what you see and need some vehicles for your terrain collection please get in touch at .

3 responses to “Commission Work: 2 Post-Apoc Security Vehicles

  1. Hi Carol the two vehicles came out great!

  2. Hi Karl I am very sorry about the misspell of your name wrote that with voice activation

  3. From now on, he will be known as Carol.

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