CSW Hobby Night- FLGS Edition

Jon, Mike, and I got together for another hobby night. We had a great time, and everyone felt like they make good headway on their projects.

Mike was running a GW Dreadnaught assembly line.

He also managed to assemble some sort of Space Marines.

Jon finished some fine detail work on this sweet Bushido dragon for me.

He also finished these minis. The big guy was just a brass rod replacement for the old poles that kept bending under the weight of the metal flags. It was really clean work! The young lady will be part of his counts as Japanese army for Konflikt '47

I started working on this HUGE 28mm Games Plus model. Per the suggestion in the instructions, I am prepainting before assembly. I think I nailed the blue color for the exterior facing! This will be post apoc'd a bit. I also have the full interior kit to go inside it!

Exciting stuff! Keep checking back to see more progress...

2 responses to “CSW Hobby Night- FLGS Edition

  1. Cool stuff. What is the big samurai robot from? I dig it!

  2. The big Samurai robot is a minor conversion of an ISC faction model put out by Taban miniatures for the post apoc style skirmish game Eden. He’s a big model at about 3 inches tall with the Sashimono. I have a bunch of their models and really dig the gritty armored samurai and asian influenced robot styling. The metal was too soft to hold up the banners so over time the drooping got really bad hence the brass rod replacement. Cheers,

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