Destroyed Mech Markers for Mech Attack

Each time that the club has gotten out our big mechs for a game of Mech Attack in 28mm, we have discussed leaving destroyed mechs on the board or making markers to represent the wreckage.  I made these basic wreck markers using the same technique as the plaster wrecked cars I made some time ago.

Each one is molded from a different piece of one of my mechs, so you might be able to recognize each piece's origins in our old battle reports.  After making the plaster reproduction, I attached each one to an old CD and added textured modeling paste, with perhaps some insulation foam or rocks as needed.  The painting is very quick and dirty, with just base brown and green colors, a few details in copper or gray, a dry brush matching the ground ocher color, and an overall glop of dark umber ink.

They are very simple and the results are rough, but I think they will suffice as a piece on the table to indicate a wrecked mech, piece of terrain, or objective marker.

3 responses to “Destroyed Mech Markers for Mech Attack

  1. Nice job Tim,
    Maybe I could bring by some of my mechs sometime and we could make ruins of them?

  2. So I have some mold making material that I won at Adepticon last year. I might be persuaded to bring it and make some Mech molds for future terrain pieces.

    I would not feel right making molds of figures for play, but for terrain, I see less of a problem with that.

    Who would be interested in this?

  3. Karl, that would be great.

    Terrance, I’m sure I could figure out something fun to do with that mold making rubber, probably not make more crashed mechs though.

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