Review: 4Ground Ducts, Fans, and Treasure Chests

While at Gen Con, I picked up their large Ductwork pack, and Fan Extractor Units.

This kit comes with:

  • 4 short straights
  • 2 long straights
  • 4 90 degree corners
  • 2 T sections
  • 3 size decreasing sections
  • 8 vent covers

The 2 fan extractors were a separate kit.

These kits are designed with tabs and slots to be modular. You can choose to glue them down, or keep them separate for reconfiguration.

There are a ton of options here, including different fans and grates.. The kit assembled very quickly, and was quite easy.

There are plenty of cool opportunities with these kits. I am considering supplementing them with the small ducts kit as well for even more options.

These treasure chests were a free giveaway at Gen Con. for such little pieces, there are a lot of parts!

As expected from a 4Ground kit, the lids open and close smoothly.


4Ground produces some great stuff, and I can't recommend their kits highly enough.

3 responses to “Review: 4Ground Ducts, Fans, and Treasure Chests

  1. Bummed I missed out on the free chests. Those are cool kits. Maybe when I get through my project backlog, (yeah, I know) I will pick some of these up.

  2. They were only free if you spent a bunch of money at the 4ground booth, but still a nice bonus.

  3. Those ducts are very nice.
    Seems like the perfect way to add partial cover and some visual interest to the usually sparse building roofs.

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