Review: 4Ground Woodbury Rise 227

This is the last of the 4Ground buildings that I picked up at Gencon.

Woodbury Rise 227 is part of 4Ground's Homeland Apocalypse line, perfect for games like Walking Dead: All Out War. This kit has a fully detailed interior and exterior.

The back door has a nice set of unattached steps that could be used separately in all sorts of situations.

You can model windows as closed, open, or partially open, as I did here... it's a way in!

The roof has some nice trim details, and is removable.

The attic space is small, and has windows at either end... it's a perfect spot for a sniper's nest.

The trap door to the main floor of the house opens and closes, and has a removable ladder for access.

The attic is removable to give access to the main floor. This floor has 6 movable doors, and a number of rooms to explore.

There is an openable trap door leading to the crawlspace. The first floor is removable to give you access. It would be a perfect place to hide valuable supplies, or for a surprise zombie attack!

This is one of the more complex 4Ground kits I have built. Like all the others, I really enjoyed building it. the building itself is quite sturdy and has many features that will be handy during gameplay. I plan on picking up the other houses in this series. One of them even has a garage!

Check this building out in our upcoming zombie campaign...


One response to “Review: 4Ground Woodbury Rise 227

  1. Sexy Cap like to keep his house clean and nice. "A tidy house really accentuates the bulges in my suit," he mentions, and struts off.

    Cool kits! All those doors though…gah!

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