Sept 23 Brian Stuchell Cancer Benefit- Raffle Prize Preview Part 3

Here is part 3 of the raffle Prize preview. If you would like to win one of these fantastic prizes, come to Greenfire Games on September 23!

Cool Mini or Not has generously donated a copy of their game, Potion Explosion. This one is a lot of fun!

Steamforged Games has generously donated a copy of the Guild Ball Kickoff 2 player starter set, including matching faction patches.

I donated a 2 player starter set for the Star Wars Destiny card/dice game.

Cardboard Dynamo has donated a Giga-Robo bundle, including the base game, 2 expansions, promo cards, and resin alternate posed minis.

This is a very old X-Men Alert game. The box is rather beat up, but it is complete, and none of the pieces have even been punched out yet!

If any of these things are exciting to you, please come by the benefit and buy some raffle tickets! (and play some games!)

Stay tuned for part 4 of the prize previews...

2 responses to “Sept 23 Brian Stuchell Cancer Benefit- Raffle Prize Preview Part 3

  1. Whoa, these prizes are getting pretty amazing. Maybe I can win a copy of Giga-Robo before I get my Kickstarter copy! ;D

  2. You can win a copy, but it will still arrive at the same time as your KS version… The prize is a certificate for a free copy when they ship. I suppose I should have specified that!

    We have a couple prizes like that, including 3 copies of Hexplore-IT.

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