Sept 23 Brian Stuchell Cancer Benefit- Raffle Prize Preview Part 7

Here is part 7 of the raffle Prize preview. If you would like to win one of these fantastic prizes, come to Greenfire Games on September 23!

Ironheart Artisans donated this cool MDF terrain kit, perfect for Shadow War Armageddon, or any other post apocalyptic game.

Mantic donated this Walking Dead starter set, and 2 booster packs.

Hyacinth Games donated a copy of the Shangri-LA source book, game rules, and some cool post-collapse minis. They will be at the event running demos.

CSW's friend Grant donated these items, including a copy of Dreadfleet, and a box of Secret Weapon Tablescape tiles.

Jonathan with Hexplore IT upped his donation by sending out this cool canvas art print. He also sent a bag of dice and promo cards for the game. If you would like one, just ask!

Jersey Mikes donated these gift cards!

Miller's Ale House also donated some gift cards

Catan Studios donated these cool Catan pint glasses.


If any of these things are exciting to you, please come by the benefit and buy some raffle tickets! (and play some games!)

This is it for the prize previews, but I'll have one more post this week with final updates and details, including a band schedule. Stay tuned!

One response to “Sept 23 Brian Stuchell Cancer Benefit- Raffle Prize Preview Part 7

  1. O.O
    Amazing collection of prizes altogether! Don’t be foolish and miss out on this people!

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