AAR- Konflikt ’47 Brits vs Occult Germans.

A few weeks back, Michael and I got together at Greenfire to play a game of Konflikt'47. I didn't record a play-by-play of the action, but took a good number of pictures so what follows is more of a gallery than an AAR.

He brought a German force composed mostly of Wargames Factory Shock Troopers with a Leman Russ "Tiger". Also, he had werewolves and Gargoyles from various manufacturers. This was a fearsome batch of Nazis heavily invested in the occult.

Notice his awesome Rift-Tech Flyer (used here as scenery) which presumably just dropped off some of the infantry.

I brought my Warlord British with West Wind Productions British Gas Mask heads. My force wasn't completely finished, but all the block colors had been applied so they were suitable for a CSW game. It was comprised of a couple of infantry sections, bazooka teams, officer, forward observer and a Tesla Cannon equipped Cromwell T cruiser tank.

We played a scenario where all the objectives were in the Nazi deployment zone but not all his forces were immediately available.

The Werewolves were forced into hiding by an early bombardment. The Brits got two bombardments; One via the scenario and one via the forward observer which is a freebie unit in any British force.

I used the giant cathedral to shield the advance of most of my infantry.

The Nazi Flamethrower team was quite fearsome, but they were eliminated shortly afterwards and the objective they were protecting was seized by the British.

The pic below is the only overhead shot I got. It's not great, but the top by the crater is the German side and the bottom by the two parked tanks (just scenery, not active units) is the British.

The Germans made a slow advance around the edge of the cathedral...

...lying in wait...

...for the advancing Brits. Unfortunately the Tesla equipped Cromwell T won the day and the Tiger/Russ was blown to bits in the following round of shooting as the British closed in.

The gargoyles swept in and out of combat but proved less effective than we had assumed they would be.

Despite taking some "pins", the British troops proved quite hardy...

...and managed to eliminate the charging werewolves just before they made contact in what would otherwise have been a bloody scrum of dead limeys.

The Azath-spawned German officer continued giving orders from hiding (behind an objective) for the whole game.

As the game neared it's end,the Brits seized a second objective on the right of the flyer. (just out of view of this picture). The Germans wheeled about in an attempt to seize it but were kept at bay by the Cromwell.

At the end of the game, with superior numbers on the field and holding two objectives, the British had taken the day.

Another fun game of Konflikt'47! Mike and I had a very good time. Even though our inexperience with the rules stretched the game to over 3 hours the rules are actually quite straightforward and easy to follow. Games like this are what are going to drive me to finish building and painting my British force and Michael is already talking about adding some new units to his force.

As this game shows clearly, the fairly generic nature of many of the units means that one's forces can be drawn from a wide variety of sources. CSW currently has several players using the official minis, some using DUST miniatures and some using a mix of sources. There are a lot of sources for weird WW2 minis, and this allows players to construct a unique looking force that still fits the genre well.



3 responses to “AAR- Konflikt ’47 Brits vs Occult Germans.

  1. Seeing that crater with the dice in it makes me think it might be fun to have a dice tray that doubles as terrain for games where you are rolling more than a couple dice at a time. And it looks like a fun game. Maybe I will pull together some appropriate Marines.

  2. It really is a fun game. It has just enough in common with 40k to feel familiar, but it’s so wonderfully refined and streamlined.

    The dice tray is a good idea. I think Tim has a scenic dice tower that looks like a castle. I’ve been thinking that there must be some way to make a piece of industrial scnery that would covertly function as a dice tower.

    I also have a big dry fountain that could double as a dice tray. I should dig it out and see how it works.

  3. I dunno… there is just something about dumping a ton of dice right in front of the dudes you are trying to destroy…

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