AAR- Walking Dead: All Out War

Tim and I got in a couple of games of The Walking Dead: All Out War. I wanted to get some practice in before our upcoming Halloween campaign starts, and we needed to test out the game's new campaign rules.

We set up a simple city block, and decided to play a standard "recover the resources" scenario, using 100 points worth of pre-created characters.

We took turns placing the objective markers, and then took turns placing zombies. Each objective marker got a zombie, and there was one lone zombie added. The goal of the game was to be in possession of 5 of the objectives at the end of any game turn.

Tim started the game by running towards one of the markers. The noise attracted a zombie.

I made a similar move, but...

I was able to get my third character to join him...

The rest of the game followed a similar pattern... Head for an objective, kill a single zombie, and run to the next one.

We used the suggested number of zombies for a 100 point game, and both agreed that it seemed a little too easy.

We finished the game in 4 turns, and I won with 5 objectives to Tim's 4. Each objective gives 10 resource points to be spent on new gear or survivors in between games. There were no injuries in the first game. Each surviving model gets a single red die to add to any one of their stats. 3 red dice can be upgraded to 1 white die, and 3 white dice can be upgraded to 1 blue die. No stat can ever have more than 3 dice. You can also trade any three dice in to improve your nerve level, or purchase a new skill.

We bought some new equipment, and rearranged the terrain for a 2nd game. We played the same scenario, but added a number of additional zombies.

Some of the objectives were out in the open.

But some of them were hidden, and in very close quarters to a walker.

We forgot to take pictures during the 2nd game. It started out in a very similar way... We ran for objectives, and took out walkers. At the end of turn 4, we were both in running distance of the final objective. Tim got the initiative, and that meant he picked up the final marker...

But the rules say you need to be holding them at the END of the turn. So, as soon as he picked up the marker, One of my characters shot his model in the head, killing him. He was already injured from previous zombie fights. When a model dies, they are out of the game, and all their gear is lost forever. Any objective markers they were carrying are dropped, though. I was able to move in and pick them up, winning the game.

It was a very "Walking Dead" moment, but I have to be honest... I didn't feel great about it!

We went through the post game campaign tasks, just to see how character recovery works. Tim got some very lucky rolls, and his character survived the battle with no lasting injuries. However, he would have to spend his points on new gear for her.

The campaign rules are nice, but there are some parts that are a little unclear, or will need house ruling. I will try to patch these holes before the campaign starts...

Tim's thoughts:

I think the Walking Dead campaign offers a framework to tell an interesting story.  The advancement through the different colors of dice also gives characters a sufficiently long time to progress through the different levels of advancement.  Like many games, it relies on having a variety of good scenarios, so I'm looking forward to seeing what we do with it.


With a little clean up, we're all set for a really great 5 part campaign! The story line is being written by myself, and Matt Sears from Wreck-Age, and I have a small team helping me write the scenarios. Additionally, we have will have some short narrative stories written by Alasdair Cunningham from GCT Studios. It's going to be fantastic, so make sure to follow along!

2 responses to “AAR- Walking Dead: All Out War

  1. Looks good.
    This is going to be a great campaign.

  2. Hi Josh,
    It looks great! I am pumped. The buildings are very nice. I hear what you mean about the “Walking Dead” moment. My son-in-law loves the Comics and TV show, but it is very brutal in the way the survivors deal with each other.

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