Konflikt ’47 British-In-Progress

I have been working on my British figs for Konflikt '47.

The stock British troopers are just standard Bolt Action figures... Not nearly Wierd-War enough for me! The addition of some West Wind Productions Gas Masked British Heads fixed that nicely.

The size is right on. The ears and hair details aren't super defined, but I plan to paint them as though the heads are wrapped up anyway. Part of the fast-paint nature of this project is that as well as painting the heads as wrapped up and giving all figs gas masks, all hands will be painted as gloved so there will be no flesh and faces to be painted.

Everything is basecoated in Krylon Camoflage Light Woodland Green spray paint. It's a bit too green for accurate British colors, but it will contrast nicely with the tan webbing and should darken nicely after the dip stage.

More Krylon Camo Colors. Dark Brown on the wheels and black on the tracks.

The infantry are based on plastic Champ Industries Urban Design bases. As followers of this blog will know I use Champ bases a lot because of their affordability and ease of use as plastic figures can be glued right to them with standard solvent glue.

To differentiate them a bit (there are only 4 designs), add some texture and make them seem a bit more like a warzone I smeared a bit of pre-mixed Concrete Patch on each base for patches of rubble/dirt.  It's a pretty nice effect and like the bases themselves it's quick and easy.

I'll discuss the figs themselves a bit more in a later post, but there are so far 20 of the standard plastic Bolt Action British Infantry and a pack of 10 metal "British Expeditionary Force" figures.

The BEF figs were not as easy to use as the plastic figs -which glued right to the plastic basses- as I had to cut their cast-on bases down to foot size, cut a hole in the base and glue them in.  Still, they add some nice variety in pose and look (they have more packs and such) while still fitting in nicely with the plastics.

That's it for now.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with finished pics!


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