Konflikt ’47 US Reinforcements

I recently finished a few more squads of "weird" troops for my Konflikt '47 US army. These were speed painted in a similar style to the rest of my US force.

These heavy troopers are wearing gas masks, and are armed with assault rifles and tank buster grenades.

I went heavy on the glow effect for their power packs.

These heads are manufactured by Warlord specifically to use with the heavy troops.

Here is a squad of Airborne Rangers. They are also wearing gas masks.

These heads are produced by West Wind Miniatures for their Secrets of the Third Reich line. Many of them exhibited mold slippage, but I think it just adds to the weird WWII vibe.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a gas mask for the pigeon.

The rangers also have a .30 cal MMG team. This wall piece was borrowed from the Wreck-Age vagrant minis.

The loader's right hand was a swap. I can't remember where I found it...

Here is a squad of marines. They are wearing gas masks.

I had some fun with posing these guys.

This guy is carrying a BAR, and a medical kit.

I don't think this guy can use a shotgun in game, but who cares? Rule of cool always wins!

It's hard to see in this picture, but this marine has an American flag tattoo.

These guys have a lot of dynamic movement.

This pair can either be standard marines, or can be used as a sniper team.


I still have one more squad of rangers to finish, but they don't have gas masks.

Look for these gas masks on the battlefield in our next game of Konflikt '47!


4 responses to “Konflikt ’47 US Reinforcements

  1. Very Nice.
    More good use of decals as well.
    How many points is your army? It’s got to be pretty big by now.

  2. 3000 points i guess? but it really depends on whether the mans get statted as veterans or regular. And you can’t take all of them in one force, anyway. It is really only 7 squads of guys, 1 tank, 1 jeep, 1 anti tank gun, and 4 walkers.

  3. Very cool, looks interesting

  4. They look great and I looked at the picture of the soldier with the slippage helmet and thought that it did look cool and weird war before I read you comment about the figure.

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