The Scenic Route: A Walking Dead Campaign- Prelude

Excerpt from the diary of an unlikely survivor…

My parents used to say there were no monsters under my bed or in my closet. Now there’s no parents and monsters everywhere. What’s left of my home and neighborhood is not even worth mentioning.

They also said that time was the greatest resource we had. Now it’s food, water and ammunition. Everything else doesn’t matter.

If you want to survive you’ve got to look at the world with a scavenger’s eye. Where I’m living is mined out and I’ve got to move if I want to exist in this new world where monsters roam the streets, and in the right hands, a shard of strengthened glass can mean the difference between life and death. Everything’s a weapon and everything’s important. I pack up my meager belongings and say goodbye to the place I once called home.

On my way to the city that used to be filled with deep-dish pizza and sports fans I pass a book shop. In the broken window I see a book lying under slivers of broken glass. It’s by Bukowski and it’s called, “The Days run away like Horses over the Hills.” I’ll take it and read it tonight to give me something else to think about.

I pass burned-out cars, buildings, and piles of corpses. There are telephone poles with weathered bits of paper looking for Lost Dogs or Bass Players. I wonder what would happen If I dialed those numbers now? Maybe, when all is said and done, a new civilization will rise and look at these things as keenly as we once studied hieroglyphics. A tantalizing glimpse into a world brought to its knees by zombies.

Night falls and I barricade myself in an empty room in an empty (I Hope!) building. In the morning my last roll of the dice begins. All the Days have run away and we are all Lost Dogs now…

This week, we start our fall campaign, using Mantic's Walking Dead: All Out War Rules. There will be 5 chapters. The storyline and scenarios were written by Matthew Sears and I. After each chapter has concluded, we will post an after action report, followed by another excerpt from the survivor's diary, written by Alasdair Cunningham.

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  1. Dang, this is cool. I like the idea of a diary narration moving the story along.

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