AAR- Mech Attack: Urban Unrest.

A couple of weeks ago Terrence and I gathered for a game of Mech Attack. Though mostly played as part of our annual 28mm Mech Attack game at Adepticon, Mech Attack in 10mm is one of the games that CSW has played for quite some time. Way back in 2010 (before we had a dedicated CSW blog), it was our choice for small scale gaming with rebased Mechwarrior clix and we still find time to play today.

Here's a mediocre picture of the basic layout at the second turn. Each building has two points cubes. One for the first team to seize it and one for whichever team held it at the end of the game. My Nova Cat Mechs are advancing from the bottom and Terrence' Swordsworn are coming from the top.

Terrence and I each fielded a couple of mechs, ground vehicles and infantry units. Points were awarded based on the "Build Points" of the mechs (a heavy mech is about 20 points) they destroy as well as 20 points each for seizing and 20 points for holding (at the end of the game) the 3 objective buildings.

Both teams quickly advanced toward the center of the board and the target buildings.

Each side managed to seize a building

The battle at first swung back relatively evenly with each side wounding the other, but then a Swordsworn Mech went down and the battle began to turn.

Infantry repeatedly were blasted out of and then more recaptured the target buildings.

Luck continued to work against the Swordsworn company.

As the game drew to a close, Nova Cat and Swordsworn forces each managed to occupy a single building.

This unit of Swordsworn infantry managed to hold onto their building until the last turn.

Both sides held one building, but the Nova Cats had destroyed more of the Swordsworn units, and they took the day.

I say roughly the same thing every time but whenever we play Mech Attack I'm impressed by the simplicity and elegance of the rules. Mech attack captures everything I like about Battletech (customizable units, damage grid, varied weapons, heat tracking, etc...) but does so in a really fast-playing package that moves along quickly and smoothly.

I should note that we were playing using the draft 2.0 rules. The most important improvement is the addition of range bands for the weapons. Along with a few other minor tweaks It also streamlines damage for infantry and adds rules for aircraft.  None of these are complete game-changers but it's a nice enough set of improvements that I really think that ArmorGrid Games should get them out. We at CSW have had the draft version for a couple of years now and the edition for sale on Wargames Vault is still either 1.0 or 1.5.  Come on Armor Grid, it's time for Mech Attack 2.0!

-Karl Paulsen

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