Cheap 28mm-Suitable Terrain From “The Corps! Elite”

This is a post about 28mm terrain bits, but bear with me if you will for a bit of history...

Any fan of GI Joe will be familiar with "The Corps!". Since the late 80's, Lanard Toys has been making their own line of 3.75" military action figures that are perhaps best described as "Joe-Compatible". Today, "The Corps! Elite" line of action figures is still going strong. However, a couple of years ago they branched out into the classic toy army men field. Rather than just recycling the same toy soldier designs of the last 50 years, Lanard has gone for all-new sculpts and result is some of the best looking toy-store army men and accessories in years.

This was a $10 bucket of army men I found at Walmart.

I don't game in the larger toy soldier scales of these figures but there were some good looking 28mm'ish accessories in there and the price was right.

Starting from the literal "top" is this interesting terrain piece which is also the cap of the bucket. It is entirely useful as-is, though I'll probably split it into separate industrial and bunker terrain pieces.

The Tank Traps (comes with 3) are pretty cool.  They've got some battle damage dents already.

Though they probably could be shortened a bit, the sentry guns are useful bits.

These next three parts are one-sided but would be nice detailing for the side of a larger structure. I'll likely cut the middle piece into separate rectangle and awning/support pieces.

I particularly like this side piece with the electrical box and lamp. Very Necomunda!


The fencing pieces (there are 3 of each type) are nice. I wish there were more of the one on the left.

The Sandbags barriers are particularly good. Due to what I assume is mold limitations the back side (pictured on the right) is a bit less realistic but the height is perfect and the detail is good. There are two more of the sentry guns included that fit into holes on the top of each piece.

In true army-man tradition there are of course a few vehicles in a variety of scales.

The Tank and copter are not too far from 20mm.

Maybe even old-style 25mm?

The Jet could be 15mm.

The robot/mech could be a variety of scales...

...but it suffers from hollow-back legs.

And while we're at it why not a brief review of the figures themselves?  There are 8 sculpts in approximately 40mm scale (sole to eye line) and they are Sci-Fi in a style that might fit in with Starship Troopers (the movie), Aliens, etc. Except for the prone sniper, they all have similar body armor and equipment and a full variety of near-future/sci-fi weapons are represented: Rifles, SMG, HMG, Missile Launcher, Minigun and even what might be a Flamethrower.

32 red, 24 Green and 24 Tan

As I mentioned I don't game in 40mm but these would be excellent candidates for someone wanting to do a large-scale bug hunt game. Despite being shorter than classic army men which measure 50-54mm tall, they are much bulkier, being proportioned more like wargame miniatures. Their bulk means they'd probably look still fine next to other army men accessories or even 1/35 models, but they will look out of place next to traditional sized army men, including the unfortunately-recently-discontinued "Star Wars Command" figures that are quite impressive.

For more info about these ranges and other toy solders, check the excellent reviews of The Corps Elite and Star Wars Command toy soldiers on Thor's All Gauge Page

I'm pretty happy with this purchase. The toy soldiers and vehicles are all destined for my son's toybox, but just the items below seem well worth the $10 price. Though being made of "soft" polypropylene  plastic means they will require cleaning and a plastic-specific basecoat (I use Krylon Camo spraypaint) the detail quite sharp. The variety of types are useful for wargaming and are definitely not the classic toy soldier designs that are immediately recognizable as toys.

All this to say, if you want some cheap terrain bits and are comfortable working with polypropylene this is a pretty good deal and one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


-Karl Paulsen



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