Converting Dark Imperium Poxwalkers for Variety

I have been painting the chaos figures from the Dark Imperium 40k box set lately. With two sets of these figures, I have 40 poxwalkers in 10 different sculpts. Almost every sculpt comes in two pieces , but can only be assembled in one way.

I decided to do some quick conversions- rough swaps of arms, feet, and heads- so this horde will have a little extra variety. Here are the results, grouped by those figures that share a torso.  The fully painted example is the base figure without any variation from the instructions in the box.

I enjoy these figures. They are very much the plague zombies I have been wanting since I started playing Necromunda almost two decades ago. I'm looking forward to painting these and using them in games soon.

One response to “Converting Dark Imperium Poxwalkers for Variety

  1. Great work. These really are the ideal plague zombies.
    Karloth Valois would be proud!

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