Launching a Terrain Company!

After plodding around with the idea for a while I finally built my first set of on-spec terrain. It's for sale here under "Buildinginlawndale" :

Even if you're not in the market for terrain, check out the gallery below:

A pair of Mining industrial buildings.

Two Porcelain Repaints. These look so much better than the original paintjobs and a nice basing/balast always kicks it up a notch.

A pair of caboose Shanties. I'm really happy with these and will be making more.

These items recently sold- the boat and Art Deco ruined building I showed in this post:

Tutorial- Ridiculously Fast Terrain From Toys



2 responses to “Launching a Terrain Company!

  1. Good luck with this, Karl. I’ll look forward to seeing how it goes.

  2. Thanks Tim,
    I’ve got all kinds of ideas for projects that would be fun to make but don’t necessarily fit in my current games. This could be a good chance to try them out.

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