More Houses- 4Ground Samuel’s House and Shotgun houses

I recently finished a few more 4Ground kits to build up my suburban neighborhood.

This is the Samuel's house, designed by 4Ground for The Chicago Way by Great Escape Games. It is 2 stories plus an attic, and has an accessible crawlspace as well.

There are lots of nice details, including acrylic windows.

Removing the roof gives you attic access. The trap door opens and closes.

The 2nd floor is partitioned into 3 rooms with functional doors.

The first floor has 3 more doors and a neat L shaped staircase.

Harry potter fans, rejoice, for there is a cupboard under the stairs. It is sadly inaccessible.

These are the Shotgun houses A and B, also designed for The Chicago Way. The angle of this picture makes the left house look quite a bit smaller than the right. However, they are the same width, and the left house is a little longer than the right. The right house is taller, though.

These houses do not have acrylic windows, but they do have some neat window frames.

The interiors are detailed and have working doors. This is the A house, with 2 larger rooms, and a big porch.

The B house has a smaller porch.

It has 3 interior rooms, however.


I still have 2 more 4ground kits to build... It's going to be a nice neighborhood once complete!

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  1. Wow, Samuel’s House is a lot more intricate than I thought. Pretty cool!

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