Of Mice, Mystics and Speed Painting…

After sitting on my bench half-finished -as so many projects seem to do- I finally finished off my Mice and Mystics core box miniatures. These are all based on slottas with the Death Ray Designs card base toppers that I reviewed a while back. I used my usual fast-painting method of all basic block paint jobs with a Minwax Polyshades dip and just a touch of dry brushing here and there.

I missed a few mold lines that I can see now and for some reason my matte varnish refused to go totally flat finish. Overall though I'm happy with these cute little critters and their not-so-cute adversaries.

The Heroes.

6 plucky mouse adventurers. Plank pattern base toppers.


The Nasties.

I used a flagstone pattern card base topper for these and on each one I cut out a rock or two and glued in some ballast to represent missing floor stones. It is a pretty nice effect.

Greedy Roaches- the basic nasties of the game in the beginning missions

The 6 Rats were all identical sculpts, but a bit of arm re positioning and a variety of conversions using GW Skaven bits and suddenly we end up with a nice motley Crew

In some scenarios there are elite rats and a chief rat, so I converted and painted them for that eventuality. The elite Rats are set apart by red shoulder pads, grayer fur and pole arms. The chief rat has even grayer hair, a bit more gear and though it is not visible in the picture, a rat's head emblem on his chest.

Big Baddies. The Spider and Centipede both are the "boss" of various adventures. I skipped the matte varnish step on the spider to have it look a bit shinier.

And there you have it: All finished!  These miniatures may not be state-of-the-art, but they're a step above many other board game minis, and certainly as good as most wargaming minis of the past decade. I have the game expansions and the sister game "Tail Feathers" and at some point I'll paint them as well. I'm a sucker for anthropomorphic animals and these are a nice set that will likely see use in other war games as well.

I had wanted these to be painted up before I played the game and now that they're done I've just got to find some time and opponents to play!

-Karl Paulsen

3 responses to “Of Mice, Mystics and Speed Painting…

  1. Next time we have some time, I would be very curious to try this game. I thought about it many times and never pulled the trigger on it.

  2. These look good, Karl.

    I have also been wanting to paint up some board game figures lately. I have the heroes for Zombicide Black Plague and all of Heroquest in my sights.

    Mice and Mystics is a pretty good game. i played through the first scenario once.

  3. Thanks Guys,
    Maybe we can play it on an off-night sometime. The rules look quite easy, and the story seems well done.

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