Painted- Church of Fun for Wreck Age

I recently finished up a third set of Wreck Age figures- The Church of Fun. This was a set of five figures I picked up from Hyacinth games at Adepticon last year, when they were a new release.

The Church of Fun are generally depicted as a brightly colored group roaming the wasteland in a drug induced stupor. I interpreted that in a slightly different way, presenting them in faded pastel rags, filtering reality through their green goggles. As I write this I am realizing I may have taken a little subconscious inspiration from the residents of Oz's Emerald City.

It was a fun group to assemble and paint. Most of the figures come with separate hands and there is a set each of left and right hands to choose from, with several spares. They tend to be armed with makeshift spears and large scattershot guns, although there a a few other oddities like a shield made of curving metal plates.

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  1. Really cool stuff Tim. I like the direction you took with the colors.

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