The Scenic Route: A Walking Dead Campaign- Interlude 1

Excerpt from the diary of an unlikely survivor…

 I used to move a lot when the world was alive, towns, cities, new countries even, but now that the world's dead I've probably moved even more. Not in the beginning though, no, back then I pretty much holed up in my house hoping it would all blow over, but when it didn’t, well, that's when I decided to light out for the Territory ahead of the rest.

 That's what's brought me here, Chicago, downtown to be precise, three stories up on a ledge watching some survivors leap-frogging through the detritus of a world infested with the dead.

 I wanted to call out to them, but for some reason, a tiny voice cautioned against it. I don't know them, and they don't know me, and for now, I'd like to keep it that way.

 I'll write more tomorrow if I have the time.

 What a day. Crazy. I'm in a barricaded side tunnel scribbling by candle-light, deep in the wretched bowels of the earth. Hungry but alive. I can hear the dead moaning and shuffling and the large-bore subway tunnel just makes it sound even worse.

The day started as normal.

 Checked my gear, ate, drank what I have, kept low, bugged out, moved slow, stayed alive and kept my eyes peeled for anything of interest. I'm not talking about four pieces of orange-peel, a dilapidated old window sash, and a dead rat with a string to swing it with, no, I'm talking about useful stuff, guns, ammo and stabby things.

 That's when I heard them, four of them, they were searching for the same things I was but with more success. They found a pistol that clearly worked as they blew the head off a walker with it but that just brought more of them coming so they headed off and I tagged along behind.

 Pretty soon they were hitting buildings while two of them stayed outside at all times. Slick move, I like it, shows they know what they're doing, and man were they successful, they found, even more, weapons, and best of all, other survivors.

Things were going well until a car alarm went off and nearly did for us all.

 Hordes of shamblers just zoned in on the noise and came out of everywhere...and then the strangest thing happened; just when I thought it was going to be all over for them, someone opened fire on the dead, and they started dropping like the flies that are constantly swarming around them.

 The distraction enabled them to punch a hole through the wall of corpses and flee, but two of them were wounded in the fracas. I followed when I could. They went down into the subway tunnels and so did I. At least it's warm. Maybe I can snag a rat for dinner, or a string to swing it with. Isn’t it amazing what could pass for currency these days?

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