2 More Houses From 4Ground

I finished my final 2 (for now) 4Ground houses. First up is the Woodbury Rise 1178 kit. This is one of the more complex 4Ground kits I have built. It has a 5 doors and a working garage door!

The entryway has a lot of nice detailing.

The garage door opens! Interestingly, it does not attach to anything at the bottom, so it sort of swings in place. It's not an issue in use, and it may make it easier to open.

This side door leads into the garage.

The back of the house has a full length porch. Or is this the front? I guess it could go either way, depending on your layout.

This view shows a partially opened window... perhaps a way inside if the doors are locked?

Removing the main roof gives access to the attic space, including a trap door and ladder to the main floor.

The main floor has 3 rooms, plus the garage, and SO MANY doors. There is a trap door leading to the zombie hole crawlspace.

The final house is another shotgun house from 4Ground's Chicago Way line. this was a tough kit to build. Not all the tabs and slots lined up, and I had to do a lot of cutting and shaping to make things fit.

It has nice details on the porch.

The roof actually fits flush, and is not sitting correctly in this picture.

There are 3 rooms in this house.

Here is a shot of all 3 shotgun houses. They are all very basic, but each have their own look.

I now have a total of 6 houses... That's enough for a neighborhood, so expect to see that on the table very soon!


3 responses to “2 More Houses From 4Ground

  1. Very cool.
    I like the garage doors and the porch fences could be supremely useful if used tactically in the walking dead game. Nice interiors too.

  2. Very cool build. Other than some of the fantasy style kits, the Samuels House is the only modern era kit I’ve built so far. I like it a lot, and the only thing I didn’t like was the windows. I didn’t like how they want you to cut the clear plastic to fit into the opening. I ended up cutting them bigger and then put them in and then the window frame over them to keep them in place better.

  3. Greg- I think you are supposed to cut them a little larger. there is almost always room under the frame to hide the extra. With the doors, you sometimes need to be more exact. What I do is cut larger, and glue the window in. and then use an blade to cut the extra to size.

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