2017 Hobby year in review

2017 was a big hobby year for me. I managed to play a bunch of new games that I love, and I got a bunch of projects finished:

My first finished minis of the year were the Prefecture of Ryu faction starter for Bushido.

I learned how to use my cutting machine to make scale posters and signs.

I FINALLY finished this group of Circle Oroboros golems. This project was sitting around for a very long time.

This is the Breaker faction from Broken Contract. I have used them a couple times, but they still haven't seen an actual game of Broken Contract. That's a goal for this year.

I think this is the coolest terrain piece I have made. It was also sitting around for a very long time before I got around to it.

I made these cool start and finish lines for the Wreck-Age race event at Adepticon.

I painted a couple Wreck-Age horsies.

I posted a tutorial on making willow trees from scratch.

I created a quick 2x2 board for Bushido.

I assembled and painted a bunch of cool terrain for Bushido, including this Temple Bell, and Foo dog statues.

I painted a bunch of Temple of Ro-Kan minis for Bushido.

I assembled and reviewed the official Bushido terrain kits. I also made some cherry blossoms.

I painted even more Temple of Ro-Kan minis.

I speedpainted some zombies.

I finished a large US army for Konflikt '47.

I assembled and painted this Chinese temple from Watchful I Studio.

I built some more 4Ground terrain, including this bakery, a subway entrance, and some fences.

I finished a couple small terrain kits from Warlord and Ainsty Castings.

I finished a couple of apartment buildings from 4Ground.

This is the first of many 4Ground houses I finished.

I assembled a modular 4Ground duct kit.

I finished a bunch of additional troopers for my Konflikt '47 army.

Here is one more house for my neighborhood.

This is my favorite house. I love the attached garage.

Here are 3 shotgun houses to fill out my neighborhood.

That's it! Not bad for a years worth of work! I hope everyone has a productive 2018!

One response to “2017 Hobby year in review

  1. Nice work Josh,
    You’ve been quite the busy beaver in 2017! Cheers and here’s to another great year of wargaming.

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