Neo Soviets Fall 2017 Round Up

For years, I have been slowly adding to a sci-fi project that combines the communist and Russianish factions from many games as well as various other things I choose to accompany them. This broad society currently includes figures from at least twenty manufacturers across 28mm, 10mm, and space ship scales. If you look around this blog, you will see them appear in almost every sci fi game we play.

This Fall, I painted several squads to add to the mix.  This was largely spurred on by our games of konflikt '47. First are some regular WWII soviet infantry. These are mostly multipart plastic figures from Warlord Games although there is a metal warlord figure and a few AE WWII figures in there two. The plastic figures can be a bit repetitive to paint, but they are provided with a lot of weapon options. Those extra weapons, arms, heads, etc... also come in handy with other figures for a wide ranging project like this.

These WWII special weapons teams are also from Warlord and AE WWII. They are mostly from the same plastic sets as the regular troops, but the guy dragging a gun is a warlord metal figure.  I think between the troops and special weapons teams I used every different piece that came in the plastic set at least once.

Next up is the first Warmachine unit I have painted in several years. These are assault kommandos and accompany a few other units from Khador that have joined my neo soviet forces. Like many Warmachine figures these are a bit odd to put together, with separate arms and shields. Also like other Warmachine figures they have deeply cut details and painted up quite quickly.

These Neo Soviet close combat troops from Vor have been waiting for paint for quite some time. The squad leader has a helmeted head swapped from a WWII figure. I was finally inspired to paint these so they can substitute as Ursus infantry in Konflict '47.

Te last few things were also painted with Konflikt '47 in mind. This squad of Daughters of the Revolution were the first Konflikt '47 figures that I bought, before I even considered playing the game. They are just cool figures that I wanted to add to the Neo Soviets.

Finally are some Heavy infantry from Konflikt '47, and very similar looking but larger  figures from Copplestone Castings. This is the sort of design from British sculptors that has an aesthetic that i assume is inspired from some sort of cultural item like AD 2000. Anyway, one of the fun things I see when collecting figures from many manufacturers on related theme are these repeated interpretations from different creators.

These figures will show up in a game sooner or later. I think I will be adding more to my Neo Soviets soon. I have more Konflikt '74 plastic figures to assemble and a couple of vehicle conversion ideas to work on.

4 responses to “Neo Soviets Fall 2017 Round Up

  1. nice job, Tim! I enjoyed seeing these guys on the table, and look forward to our next game.

  2. Indeed, a very nice thematic collection!
    "Konflikt ’74" has got my imagination now…I picture wristbands, afros and muscle cars. ;D

  3. bwa ha ha ha. do this please.

  4. Looks great Tim!
    It’d be cool to have a post showing the rest of your massive Neo-Soviet collection.

    Maybe a full army shot is in order. Would it even all fit on one table?!?

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