Painted- Broken Contract breakers and Black Squadron

I started painting the Black Squadron from Broken Contract and enjoyed them enough to keep going and paint the rest of the set so I can have a fully pained assortment to play with. Broken Contract is a game of labor uprisings in a dystopian sci-fi iron mine. Working people represented in sci fi take prominent rolls in lots of good movies from Metropolis, to Alien and more. The decision to make a story of people trapped on a distant planet harvesting the relatively common element iron, rather than some fantastical resource, brings a level of mundane cruelty to the game.

Black Squadron are the overseers in the mines of Broken Contract. The group includes officers in body armor with prods. There are also two drones, and a gen mod, the large muscly guy. I've given them dark blue armor over red oxide uniforms. Red is a bit of a departure from how Americans envision police, but I wanted to bring an element of iron to them.

Broken Contract Breakers

The working people of Broken Contract are called Breakers. They continue the iron coloring with rust colored coveralls and yellow oxide boots.  Their tools are pitted steel and cobalt blue.

Broken Contract Drones

I particularly enjoy the smallest figures from Broken contract. These drones are used for surveillance in the mine as well as attacking breakers.

Broken Contract Gen Mods

A couple of the more fascinating figures from Broken Contract are the giant gen-mods. They stand a full head or more above the regular humans and also carry some impressive equipment. Nick at Breaker Press, who publishes this game has announced that they plan to make some more gen-mods later this year.

One response to “Painted- Broken Contract breakers and Black Squadron

  1. Great work Tim.
    They look nicely grimey but not overly so. Those Gen-Mods in particular are really sharp!

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