AAR- Testing Mech attack for Adepticon

Karl and I are running a game of Mech Attack in 28mm at Adepticon for the third year in a row this March. This week, we tested out a scenario idea with our smaller Mechwarrior figures.

The basic concept is that one side is protecting a spaceport (at the bottom of this photo) while also attempting to escort remaining troops and VIPs across the board (from the top). Meanwhile, attacks are coming from both sides to stop the escort or disable the transports.


To begin, the defenders used heavy Mechs to cover the escort and do some damage to the attacker.

This had some success, as the attackers lost half of their mechs this way.

Ultimately, some of the attackers got into the port, and were able to get direct hits on the transports.

In the end, the escort made it on to a transport, which was then destroyed by some powerful and targeted shots. The escort was able to escape and made it to the only remaining transport, which the attackers disabled with their last chance at shooting.


So, this was a victory for the attackers, but with heavy losses. We have some tweaking to do to the scenario and some modeling to complete, so you can look forward to seeing more on this game leading up to Adepticon. If you want to play in our game, there are still seats available. It will be on Saturday, March 24 from 10am to 2pm.


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