Neo Soviet Gun Turrets

As part of the prep for our Mech Attack game at Adepticon, I made these gun turrets to use as defensive works. They are a simple foam core box with a couple of bits and texture added. The gun itself is the turret from a KV-2 inspired tank made for Dust.

To begin, I made a box from scraps of foam core hot glued together. There is a Hirst Arts door on the back and a plastic piece cut from an old gift card on the top. The most difficult thing about this build was cutting the gift card to seat the turret snugly, allowing it to rotate but not wobble.

Next, I added coarse modeling paste on all of the foam core, spread on with a rough brush to give it the look of hastily constructed concrete.

Finally, I gave them a simple paint job with some basic dry brushing, weathering, and overall wash.

I have not played many games that call for large gun turrets, but I'm looking forward to see how they work in our game of Mech Attack. These will probably get some use in the future as general terrain and objective markers.

3 responses to “Neo Soviet Gun Turrets

  1. Very cool! This would work great for terrain/objectives in K47, maybe even something like Infinity or 40k.

  2. Nice work Tim,
    These are going to be fearsome defensive positions against the mechs.

  3. Very cool. You could custom up some additional different types of cannon for the turrent to make it even more versatile. Look forward to seeing these on the table.

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