Adepticon 2018 Recap: Giant Loot Pile

Adepticon 2018 has come and gone! Expect to see a bunch of new posts pertaining to all we saw and did... Starting with my giant pile of loot! I got a VIG swag bag this year, and also picked up a few treats while I was there...

I picked up the Relic Blade 2 player starter (and had dinner with it's creator), and I'm looking forward to trying this game out. Check out the game here.

The swag bags included the Guild Ball starter set. People keep telling me it is a great game, so I'll give it a shot, even though I'm not into sports.

My wife is into wrestling big time, so I could not pass this game up. I played a demo, and enjoyed it.

This is a fantastic mini and comic book by Studio Doggebi. Yes, that is a demon pug.

Frontline No Komrades is one of my favorite games. I keep giving away my copy, so Anvil-Eight hooked me up. These guys also make Aetherium, which is a great skirmish/board game.

This Primaris space marine was in the swag bag. I'm looking forward to assembling him and adding him to my Dark Angels army.

I got a copy of Battle Poker., I was not able to play a demo, but it looks like a really fun game. The swag bag also had this card caddy.

The swag bag included this small mdf tomb by Lasercraft Workshop.

This TT Combat building was a great value! I have already assembled this building, so look for a review soon.

I picked up this little DUST walker. I plan on replacing the turret with a Konflikt 47 sherman tesla turret.

This awesome robort is from Giga Robo. This game is super cool.

The swag bag also included a foam tray and plastic box.

The swag bag included a bunch of books. Not pictured are 2 Dark Age sourcebooks (and a 2 player starter set), and a Warmachine faction book.

The swag bag also included some paint, and a sample of brush cleaner.

This neat counter by Broken Egg Games was included in the swag bag.

This is a Wreck-Age reclaimer mini. It isn't new, but I didn't have it.

There was a pin in the swag bag.

This Malifaux mini was in the swag bag. It seems like an awful lot of pieces for one tiny model!

This mini is from Steamforged's new game, God Tear.

This sci-fi dude was added to the swag bag by Badger minis.

This is a Firelock Games pirate.

This seems to be an outlaw orc.

A sprue of Kromlech bits was included in the swag bag.

This freebie is from Miniature Building Authority's modern war line.

This Prussian leader was an Adepticon Exclusive from Gaddis Games.

I also picked up their Harlem Hellfighters pack. These guys will go great with my Konflikt 47 US force. (Yes, I know these are WWI and Konflikt is WWII, but i don't care.)

I got a complimentary pack of magnetic flight stands from The Magnet Baron.

This is the Victoria Miniatures Adepticon exclusive mini.

This was a free brush from the swag bag.

The swag bag included a coupon for this awesome glow in the dark 24 sided die.

This mini is awesome. It is a guild ball mini that I picked up on sale at the Grognard Games booth.

This piece of Atcheson Creations terrain was in the swag bag, even though they were not at the convention.

The swag bag included these 2 sprues from Warlord's Battle for Antares Game.

Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I love Bushido. I picked up these new Karai Risen models for my Cult of Yurei faction.

This is Kosuke. He is an orangutan monk for the Temple of Ro-Kan. I can't wait to paint him up!

I also picked up a number of Savage Wave models, including the starter set.

This is Boba, an Oni for the Savage Wave.

Rashka The Devastator is a huge oni.

Yusha is the oni beast handler.

This is Waka, and he is depicted as throwing the head of a statue!

These are oni slaves, and I have 2 of each pose.

The swag bag included various bases...

including this GIANT base from Elrik's Hobbies

Here is a sci-fi bulkhead from Miniature Market.

I got these from Chris while at Adepticon, so I decided to include them in my loot list.

This giant pile of MDF is a set of paint organizers from Ironheart Artisans. I assembled these today, so watch for a review soon.

Wreck-Age delivered their vehicle kickstarter at Adepticon. These cars are awesome, and since I have 2 sets, I am planning to mod some...

using these awesome parts from Victoria Miniatures.


We have plenty more post-Adepticon stories planned, so stay tuned!


2 responses to “Adepticon 2018 Recap: Giant Loot Pile

  1. Dang, what a haul! Definitely makes the VIG seem worth it.

    I’m really happy with my standard Swag Bag Haul. I’ll do a brief listing at some point of what it came with. The Victoria MIniatures mini is something that comes in both and which I look forward to every year. Haven’t painted any of mine up yet though.

    In the interests of de-junking I decided to try and quickly sell anything I knew I wasn’t going to use, Already sold my Dark Age Starter, Guild Ball Starter and GW 30th MIni and the FOW Desert Rats and Hordes Everblight books are up on ebay. All this to say, the Swag Bags are definitely worth the cost!

  2. I gave the books, dark age starter, and Star trek game away.

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