Last Minute Adepticon Prep- 3 Spacecraft for 28mm Mech Attack.

It's one week from our annual Mech Attack game at Adepticon (Saturday at 10AM) and I'm working like mad to finish up this year's additions. Two years ago, we added a short train line. Last year we added a full elevated freight train and aircraft. This year we're adding Spaceships!

The game is a get-to-the-dropzone style escape scenario. We could have made it a simple get to the other side of the board game and left the evacuation craft to the imagination, but that's not the Chicago Skirmish Wargames way. So, I'm building 3 large spacecraft. After Adepticon I'll do a post of each finished vehicle, but consider this in-progress gallery a lure to come see them and the entire layout in-person on Saturday and maybe even to particpate... There are 2 spots left, see details at the bottom of this post.

Assault Lander

The first craft involves the least radical transformation. This is a Star Wars Clone Wars "Deluxe Republic Assault Shuttle" designed for 3.75" Action figures.

It looks pretty good with 28mm though.

The example I acquired was missing it's wings, rear fuselage covers and other bits. Most of the bits for these models will come from broken Millenium Falcon and X-Wing toys I picked up at the resale shop.

The most pressing problem with the shuttle was actually the cockpit area. As-is, the cockpit holds two pilots standing upright and then the front access door just goes to the feet of the first pilot. I opened up the cockpit section (which as a toy is removable into a separate pod) and removed the interior walls, beams, seats and cut a hole in the very back.

Below on the left you can see one of the stock upright-positioned action figure pilot seats. One the right is one I turned around and trimmed down to fit laterally, creating one aproximately 28mm pilot couch.

It looks like this when installed:

With the back wall chopped out, there is a passage from the front ramp all the way into the cargo hold. I like the idea that these ships could have use in small skirmish games as scenery that minis can fully interact with inside and out.

Here is the last picture before panels were added to cover the open spaces:

I'm going to try to keep at least some of the red and yellow markings.

II. Cargo Lighter

This one is the most dramatic transformation. It began it's life as "Power Rangers Mission Response Vehicle" designed for larger (6 inch?) action figures. The one I got was missing the rear section (a pretty cool cargo bay) but it is still large enough to be a great basis for a 28mm cargo ship.

It's huge. It also has light effects with a sound that is not unlike a sci-fi sound for a spaceship operating so I'm going to try to preserve some functionality.

The aforementioned Millenium Falcon and X-Wing toys lent many parts to this one.

I cut off the wheels and added landing gear:

Here are some X-Wing engines and roof panels cut from the Falcon. I cut away the front windows and will re-install them after painting.

Chopping apart the outer edge of the falcon roof into segments provided for the 6 thruster covers (3 on each side) that covered over the holes left from the removal of wheels and the cylindrical stubs that once held weapons of some sort

Continuing with the objective of making these useful in skirmish actions, I ripped out the pilot chair and added a floor, door and control panel to the front interior. I otherwise left it mostly open to allow the placement of figures or future detailing.

I didn't add anything to the rear, but I'll probably glue a door on the forward wall at some point.

Three of the wheels were utilized as engines and another falcon bit adds a bit more detail to the rear area. These platforms to the right and left and the areas over where the wheels used to be add a nice intermediate level of standing positions for figures.

Here's what it looks like after spray painting on a base coat of black and dusting of blue.

Detail painting to follow.

III. Ventauran Assault Shuttle. 

Ok, so this one kind of still needs to be built...

...but it's going to be the biggest and most impressive of the batch!

Come see these this Saturday at Adepticon. There are 2 slots left for participation, or just come by and say hi. Hope to see you there!

Here's the official event info from Adepticon:

Mech Attack: Shootout at Valestetch Spaceport

Day: Saturday | Start Time: 10:00 AM | End Time: 2:00 PM | Category: Mech Attack | Event Type: Event Game | Presented By: | Age Requirements: Everyone (6+) | Remaining Capacity: 2 | Cost: 0 | Total Capacity: 8 | Experience Required: None

Dramatic Mech Combat in Glorious 28mm! The Battle for Melk-3 neared it's end with the retreat of the United Colonies. The Nue-Valstetch Spaceport was the scene of a bloody retreat as abandoned UC mercenary units attempted to comandeer starships and escape the planet.
This is the 4th year that Chicago Skirmish has run a Large-Scale Mech Attack game at Adepticon. Each advancing the storyline and more spectacular than the last. After adding flying transport units and an elevated train line in 2017, this year we will debut some fantastic custom spacecraft. And of course there will be plenty of battlemechs! Mech Attack is a fast-playing and easy-to-learn game that spotlights battlemechs, but is a full combined arms game with Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Air Units. All are welcome and no experience is necessary.

4 responses to “Last Minute Adepticon Prep- 3 Spacecraft for 28mm Mech Attack.

  1. Awesome work Karl. You’re like a savant with this toybashing process!
    Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to see this particular table since I work Sat am, but will keep an eye out for you guys later Saturday afternoon or Sunday.

  2. Thanks Chris,
    "Karl The Toybashing Savant" has a certain ring to it…
    Sorry to hear you won’t be around Saturday morning, but I’m sure we can find use for at least one of these on some regular gaming night.

  3. I bought that same Clone Wars shuttle to use with Legion as a scenario objective when it comes out, I agree the scale is good. Nice work

  4. Thanks F,
    Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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